What do a Daycare, a Dog Groomer and a Garbage Service have in common? That may sound like the start of a joke or a riddle. However, the answer is they are all new business owners in the region. This year’s SEFP Annual Investor Reception brought multiple business, community, and business development leaders together to reflect on the last year’s activity at the Twisted Pines Venue in Parker, SD. Guests were able to network during a social hour sponsored by First Dakota National Bank of Salem.

 Attendees to this year’s event were able to hear the story of 6 area businesses and their journey to and through business ownership. The owners of the following businesses were recognized and celebrated for stepping out in faith in themselves as well as their supporting communities: Twisted Pines Venue Partners Robb & Shari Jensen and Paul & Stephanie Groenweg of Parker, 605 Dynamic Ink owners Justin & Catrina Walsh of Viborg, Em’s Eastside Explorer Owner and Director Emily Korthols of Parker, Menno Livestock Auction LLC Owners Matt & Marie Mehlhaf of Menno, Nails to Tails Dog Grooming LLC Owners Vanessa & Ransom Jones of Rural Chancellor, and Addy Disposal Owners Daren & Alyssa Korkow of Canistota. Each one of these businesses has a unique story and it was an honor to hear them share their hearts and passion for their work.

 During the program, the SEFP Board of Directors presented the “1st Dollar of Profit” certificates to Daren & Alyssa Korkow of Addy Disposal and Vanessa & Ransom Jones of Nails to Tails Dog Grooming LLC. SEFP also wanted to celebrate the Milestone Anniversaries of previous clients. Anita Stephenson of Sew Nice Quilt Shop in Viborg and Jeremy Zeeb of Trinity Electric of Menno are both celebrating 10 years. They both shared their startup stories and offered their valuable perspective and encouragement to the new business owners.

 Many great conversations were had and new connections were made. The Southeast Enterprise Facilitation Project would like to thank all our Community and Investor Partners that make the service we provide possible. To our Community Partners of Bridgewater, Canistota, Marion, Menno, Parker, and Salem, as well as to the McCook and Turner County Commissions, thank you for believing in the entrepreneurial spirit, the talent of your community and creating a path for your residents to receive assistance. To our Investor Partners, Southeastern Electric, East River Electric, First Dakota National Bank, First Premier Bank, Golden West Telecommunications, Rivers Edge Bank, Triotel Communications, Northwestern Energy, Sanford Health, Avera Rural Health, Parker Ford, Wieman Land & Auction, Bones Elevator, Central Farmers Cooperative, and Fremar. Thank you all for believing in this region we call home and we all want to see thrive! You all do so much for our communities and your customers.

New Business Owners share their stories

New Business Owners share their stories during the SEFP Program.

New Business Owner Panel from Left to Right: Daren & Alyssa Korkow, Matt & Marie Mehlhaf, Emily Korthols, Catrina & Justin Walsh, and Vanessa & Ransom Jones who were interviewed by SEFP Facilitator Heather Broehm

Reception from Twisted Pines balcony

The program started with a Welcome to Twisted Pines Venue by owners Robb and Shari Jensen. Photo Credit: Sarah Ebeling of SD GOED

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