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From Idea to Startup: 9 Steps to start your Small Business


There are many steps to starting a business. And if we are real, there are more than 9. This guide is our steps that could get you started and moving in the right direction. SEFP can provide free and confidential support throughout the process, enabling you to make decisions with data and plan for the future success of your enterprise.

SEFP Startup Guide
Business Strategy Workbook


Business Strategy Workbook

This workbook designed for existing businesses to get some clarity on your business plan and ongoing strategies for success. We will analyze your current state of business, define your ongoing vision for the business, develop goals and a multi-year roadmap, as well as implement the desired changes or initiatives you see as driving your business towards success. SEFP will facilitate your strategic planning session to help you and your team pave the road forward.


Building Your Succession Plan

A good succession plan creates a smooth transition between old and new ownership, and reduces any disruptions to the business once the transition is complete. 

The intention of this guide and SEFP support through this process is to provide a tool that helps you build a plan that will set the business up for long-term success. So let’s take this first step… together!

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