SEFP for Students

Believing in the future

one Student at a time

The future of our communities is dependent on those that are already here. SEFP believes that many of the issues our small businesses and communities face can find be solved by leveraging our student population. They are our future leaders, business owners, and workforce. SEFP is for Students. 

What does SEFP for Students look like?


Creating Connections to local business, educators, programs, and opportunities.

Career Exploration

Enabling Career Exploration focused on local occupations and entrepreneurship.


Recognition that every career path is unique and personal.

Local Talent

Utilizing local talent and expertise to showcase the vastness of our rural economy.

Creating opportunities through a Regional Career fair

Since 2008, SEFP has facilitated a Regional Career Fair with the support and participation of area School Districts, Businesses, Development Corporations, and High-Education Technical, Vocational, and Collegiate Admissions. We want to help prepare students for the world of work and the potential to build a future locally.

Career Fairs hosted

Schools engaged

Businesses Participated

Students Impacted

2024 Regional Career fair Highlights

The 2024 Career Fair was pumped with new energy.

          • 11 High Schools

          • 270 Students

          • 270 Mock Interviews

          • 12 Colleges

          • 3 Armed Forces

          • 13 Local Businesses

          • 3 Essay Contest Winners

          • 5 StartToday SD Apprenticeship Workshops

          • Endless Career Opportunities

          • Miss South Dakota

          • 13 Volunteers

From Our Participants

Each year we ask for feedback from our schools, students, and various booth presenters. We continue to be encouraged by what they share.

1st year attending in my role. Great job. There are other business professionals that I know would be excited to have a booth and engage students.”

“The mock interviews are the most engaging and useful part of the experience.”

“The Career Fair brought in Local Businesses that are successful and were willing to share their story of how you can be successfully and stay local and HAVE A GREAT CAREER!.”

“I was really nervous about the interviews and didn’t know what to expect. But it wasn’t bad at all. Overall, I enjoyed my experience and think the school should keep coming.”

want to participate?

We are always looking for new schools, businesses, and career paths that students can engage with and explore. Share your information below to connect with SEFP.

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