If you have visited the Menno Livestock Auction in the last month, you may have noticed a few changes. As of the beginning of the year, Matt and Marie Mehlhaf of Menno have purchased Menno Livestock Auction.

Matt is a familiar face around the auction, being involved as a yardman among other duties, for the past 9 years. Matt has extensive agricultural and livestock handling experience and has gained insights and firsthand experience learning from the previous owners on how to facilitate a sale. He met his wife, Marie, at SDSU where they both received Agricultural degrees. Matt and Marie live on a farm just outside of Menno where they raise various poultry, cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs. Matt and Marie are a well-equipped and knowledgeable team. Both have their respective training and experiences that will enable them to be successful in operating the Menno Livestock Auction.

The Menno Auction has been in business since 1915, serving the greater Menno and South-Central South Dakota region. The sale barn specializes in selling top-notch local cattle along with sheep, goats, and hogs, but has been known to sell other species as well.  Under the previous ownership, Menno Livestock has become the top family auction barn in South Dakota for hog sales and among the top five for sheep sales. 

Menno Livestock Auction LLC will continue to provide a venue for local and regional producers to have a market for their livestock. Compared to other markets, Menno allows all classes of livestock, from small to large. In addition to this flexibility, Matt & Marie strive to create an environment of community, mentorship, and outreach for the farmers and ranchers. They desire to create a welcoming experience for both the people and the animals. When asked what they are most excited about with the opportunity to operate the business Marie shared “We are excited to continue to help and support the community as Ken and Lynn have through Menno Livestock. Matt and I are beyond grateful for the relationships and support of the staff, buyers, and sellers that make Menno Livestock a success. We are here to continue that legacy.”

Matt and Marie have plans to continue to improve the auction experience over time and have already implemented new technology to streamline and create efficiencies in the auction process. They are “passionate about the livestock industry and are excited to be able to connect buyer and seller. There is so much opportunity in the livestock industry and we are excited to help others get involved.”

Their regular consignment sales are on Wednesdays with Special Feeder cattle sales on Tuesdays, as announced. For the spring/summer, regular sales will switch to Tuesday evenings.

 Heather Broehm, Facilitator with the Southeast Enterprise Facilitation Project, worked with the Mehlhafs on their business plan and operational strategies. “Working with the Mehlhafs on this project has given me a newfound understanding and appreciation for the auction market. Matt and Marie truly have a heart for this business, the industry, and the people they serve. They have a great vision for what they want to accomplish.”

To learn more about Menno Livestock Auction LLC, visit the website mennolivestock.tripod.com or connect with them on the Facebook page for early consignments and sale information. fb: Menno Livestock Auction LLC




Menno Livestock Auction LLC Owners

Matt and Marie Mehlhaf are the new owners of the Menno Livestock Auction LLC


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