The Southeast Enterprise Facilitation Project (SEFP) is excited to introduce a new business in Turner County.  Turner County residents and entrepreneurs Justin and Catrina Walsh have started 605 Dynamic Ink LLC. This local and Veteran-owned business is on a mission to create engaging wall or floor art, utilizing new printer technologies.

The 605 Dynamic Ink’s floor and wall printers produce long-lasting murals, from company logos and signage to photo displays, on any inside or outside surface. The job itself is fast to complete and the non-toxic ink dries instantly. This visual imagery solution provides a professional look at a lesser price point and a shorter timeframe to see the finished product. The printer images are long-lasting, with interior printing for up to 12 years and exterior printing for up to 5 years. It requires little to no surface preparation and can print over any surface color. It is a 100% custom solution that can turn any surface into an eye-catching focal point for a business or home.

Catrina shared that “We truly believe that any surface space could become a beautiful and engaging focal point for a message to be shared and inspiration ignited. For example, you can turn a bare wall into engaging art that will draw attention or create an inviting space for people to gather.”

Today, there are no other floor-to-ceiling printing companies in South Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota, or Minnesota. The Company will be focused on introducing its product to the market and comparative markets. 605 Dynamic Ink LLC operations are based in Viborg, SD. However, the service is mobile and able to travel anywhere in their initial service territory of southeastern South Dakota.

Justin and Catrina reached out to SEFP for assistance with their business plan and market research. They also received financial projections and assistance from Jim Whitcomb of the Small Business Development Center. “Specifically, in the business plan, we feel Heather went above and beyond to obtain and provide us with so much information.  She was very easy to work with as well as the very useful contacts you provided to further assist our startup.  We would have struggled without the great services that Heather and SEFP provide to our communities.”

As a part of their strategy, the 605 Dynamic Ink LLC will focus on the quality and value of our product. Founder Justin is excited about this new solution and says “We have the ability to move fast and complete the work without concerns of shipping delays or material supply chain issues. Non-toxic ink and little to no prep enable us to complete the project without an impact on our customer’s business operations. It truly is a creative company using innovative technology. It is the fastest and most cost-effective way to communicate visually.”

For more information about 605 Dynamic Ink, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

Wall Printer in action

The 605 Dynamic Ink wall printer is printing the company logo

The completed logo

Here is the finished product of the wall printer.


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