The Southeast Enterprise Facilitation Project (SEFP) is pleased to introduce a new business in Salem, SD.  Longtime Salem resident and former council member Ben Johnson, and his son Chad Johnson, have found themselves in a new industry with a mission to save lives.

As Ben was observing his neighbor climbing up a ladder to hang holiday lights in Midwest winter conditions, he felt there had to be a safer way for her and others to accomplish household chores that involved using a ladder. Fearing for her safety, Ben went to work designing a support for an extension ladder attachment that would brace against the house and provide a safer access to the roof. That winter, the Bighorn Stabilizer was born!

The Bighorn Stabilizer is the latest in Safety Equipment for Fall Protection when used on an Extension Ladder.  The Bighorn Stabilizer improves job safety. Be assured, as a climber transitions to and from a roof they will be in a more stable and confident manner and will certainly be more productive.

Ben has been an inventor and visionary throughout his 40-year career as a parts & assembly professional, working with different types of metal and metal fabrication. Ben started his career in Minnesota with Worthington Tractor Parts, where the company bought and sold salvage tractor parts to Farmers & Ranchers throughout the Upper Midwest.  During his time with the company, Ben was instrumental in developing adapter plates that allowed farmers to convert older equipment to fit onto current models in the market.   Ben helped start All State Ag Parts in Salem, SD, and has been a part of the organization since 1998.

Chad has been a guiding influence on the Bighorn Stabilizer’s design. Leveraging his experience as a foreman on construction and service crews where ladders are used every day, Chad helped the Bighorn Stabilizer to become more user centric.  He knows firsthand the potential risk involved with ladder usage and has continued to provide insight into OSHA’s Safety requirements for ladder safety.

The Bighorn Stabilizer for Extension Ladders addresses each of the points presented in the safety standard plus goes beyond conventional safety practices by keeping the climber’s mind on task and eliminating the fear of transitioning to and from the roof.  Basically, the Bighorn increases the climber’s confidence, balance and grip thus greatly reducing the risk of a fall.

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