Goodbyes are difficult—just no way around it—so I have decided to say, “see ya’ later!” When I started working for Southeast Enterprise Facilitation Project back in July of 2015, I didn’t really grasp what I was in for.  My predecessor, Nancy Larsen told me, “it will get under your skin!”  Humm, what could that mean?  It didn’t take me long to figure it out.  What she was trying to tell me was I will get so involved with the work of SEFP that I would look at my clients as extended family.  I would revel in their success, support in a crisis and suffer in their losses (thankfully there were few). Having served the communities of Salem, Canistota, Bridgewater, Menno, Irene, Parker, Marion and the rural areas of Turner and McCook Counties, I have a special place in my heart for those community members who go above and beyond to help their communities prosper and the individuals who engage in the journey of business ownership.  I have enjoyed the position of Enterprise Facilitator more than I could have imagined! As I head into the an unexpected early retirement due to my husband’s health, I will reflect on each and every one of my clients in admiration and affection.  SEFP has hired a new Enterprise Facilitator to take over the reigns and she will be a wonderful benefit to every community!  Sometimes change is hard, but sometimes it can be incredibly rewarding.  I believe SEFP is ready for new leadership, new ideas and of course, the job will get “under her skin” also.  The new Facilitator, Heather Broehm, is actually the daughter of Nancy Larsen, so she has a personal history and understanding of what SEFP does.  I am sure you all will appreciate her energy and knowledge and love working with her. As I write my final article for the SEFP Annual Report, I wonder where life is going to take me?  Maybe the Power Show in Menno, actually see the Turner County Fair, watch the community parades from the sidelines, attending the rodeos in Canistota and Irene?  Oh wait, I have to stop by Davis for their summer market!  So much to do in my favorite communities!  So, as you can see, I’ll be enjoying life as a retiree as soon as I can and WILL SEE YOU ALL AGAIN—SOON! May God bless our rural communities and those that cherish their way of life!  Remember, take the road less traveled, the scenery is magnificent!

Brenda Schulte, Retired Enterprise Facilitator

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