Have you ever watched someone work or perform a job and thought “I could do that” or “I would love to do that someday.” I have experienced that twice in my life. The second time was shortly after college.

I graduated from the USD Business School and found my first job at a large call center organization in the Twin Cities. As I exited the new hire classroom after my first week, I was in love. Not with the job I was hired for especially but the role I wanted and was witness to that entire week. I wanted to be a trainer. So I did what many people do. I put in my time on the floor, learned to do the job exceptionally well, and made my interest in the training position known. And once the next Training Generalist position was open, I was first in line. That was the start of a fulfilling, 15-year career as a Training and Development professional across two large industries. And as with many roles someone may have in their professional lifetime, the hierarchy of needs changes, and what drives you forward is more outward-focused. I longed for something local. A way to get more involved and make an impact at home, in South Dakota.

 That leads me to the first time the thought of “I could do that” crossed my mind. You see, I watched my Mom and the passion she had for helping people. Helping Entrepreneurs. Helping Communities. I grew up seeing her First Dollar Presentations. I sometimes tagged along as she attended conferences in Pierre and remember the animation she exhibited, a sign of someone who was so truly engaged in the conversations being had that she couldn’t help but be expressive. I sat in her home office in Martin and would visit her in the Marion office when I would come home. I guess you could say she passed on her love for our small towns and state pride to me, Heather Broehm, daughter of Nancy Larsen, the former SEFP Enterprise Facilitator.

 So who is Heather Broehm? I am a wife to Nate, a mom to Harper (8), Nora (6), and Ian(2). In 2014, my growing family and I moved from the Twin Cities to Marion, with that desire to get back to simple rural life. We enjoyed our time and neighbors there in Marion.

In 2018, we built a new home and moved to rural Canistota. And we have found connections in so many of our area communities. We enjoy time on Lake Vermillion all year round. Our children attend school and daycare in Canistota. We are active members at Parker First Baptist. Participate in Kids Club at Calvary Reformed in Monroe. We enjoy bowling in Marion. Blacksox Baseball in Freeman. Nate plays Men’s basketball in Menno during the winter. Our summer babysitter and beloved family are in Montrose. And this summer, I became a Legion Auxiliary Member at Post 162. The list goes on and on. The people in our communities are the best and I couldn’t imagine raising our family anywhere else!

 I am beyond excited to start this new chapter as the SEFP Enterprise Facilitator. My promise to our area entrepreneurs, businesses, and community members is that I will be engaged. I will be open and transparent. I will do the work to help you start your dream, expand your business, or find a way to pass your legacy to a new owner with confidence. I will look for opportunities to aid our rural communities and partner with other economic development teams, as our end goal is the same.

I want to thank the SEFP Board for providing me with this opportunity to make an impact. I look forward to working with community partners and investors. Together we can do so much. Looking forward to OUR future!

 Your Facilitator,


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