Since I put in a lot of “windshield time” for my job, I have the luxury of witnessing Southern South Dakota’s magnificent landscaping on pretty much a daily basis.  When I think of why anyone would want to move to South Dakota, the following pictures will speak for themselves.  This little church is located south of Menno, SD and sits on the banks of the James River.  I was encouraged at the monthly Economic Development meetings to take the “scenic route” when traveling to my next stop.  I did and wasn’t disappointed.  Being the month of June, the grass and cropland is a vibrant green and the hills roll softly like laid carpet.

The Stone Church is a masterpiece and those that worship there are blessed indeed!  If you have the opportunity to take the “scenic route” south of Menno, please do so, you will not be disappointed!  Before you head out on the road, stop in Menno and enjoy a meal at the local restaurants and fill your car with gas at the local stations.  Menno is a bustling little community that anyone would be proud to live in!

Our Savior Lutheran Church history

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