As many of you did on June 7th, I attended the Southeastern Electric Annual Meeting along with my husband.  I have attended the event in the past but my husband had not.  I just had to share his comments relating to the event: “I have worked for a cooperative for 44 years and have attended a lot of Annual Meetings, but Southeastern put on a class act!  From having golf carts to help individuals get to the entrance from across a very large parking lot, to a great meal and an interesting and well-orchestrated program, class act all the way!   The staff knew what they were doing and where they were supposed to be and were so friendly and helpful!  Just a class act for sure!”

My husband has worked for Farmer’s Alliance Cooperative for 44 years and manages the grain elevator located in Alexandria, SD.  He is usually pretty quiet about things such as meetings, but he was definitely impressed with the well organized and interesting meeting put on by Southeastern Electric Cooperative!  Way to go SE!!

Also a heartfelt “Thank You” for recognizing SEFP in your presentation–thanks Brad!

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