A & B Serum
"A Collaboration with Tyson Foods"

Those present left to right include Ron Globke, Curt Lukes, Ben Beil, John McDonald and Nancy Larsen, SEFP Board and Facilitator.
Benjamin Beil Jr
Main Street
Monroe, SD
(605) 297-3212   Cell=929-3050

SEFP presents a 1st Dollar of profit to Ben Beil for the start-up of A & B Serum.
NUMBER OF JOBS:  1 1/2 Full Time

  Ben is a consultant for companies looking at a better way to utilize cow fetuses in processing plants.  A proposal for collaboration with Tyson Foods Inc was written to market the serum extracted in any plant and he keeps in touch with two other “yet to open” slaughtering companies, hoping they will also be vendors.  He buys serum from other sources & sells it to his connections which ultimately make animal medicine and test kidney dialysis filters.
ASSISTANCE REQUESTED/RESULTS: Business Plan for a new business

QUOTABLE:  "Thanks for the help Nancy.  It took you to help me put the final touches and the written business plan
together before this business could move onward and upward."