Southeast Enterprise Facilitation Project (SEFP) and the Marion School system are pleased to announce the conclusion of the annual 18th Regional Career Fair hosted by the Marion School.  The event was held on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 in the Marion School Gym, Marion, SD.  Each year SEFP facilitates the Regional Career Fair (with the help of the local schools and Development Corporations, local Extension offices, and numerous volunteers) with the hope of providing the upcoming generation a head-start on their life choices.   

This year was the last year of our “Career & Service Investigation” (CSI) theme and has served the career fair well as it fits the goal for the students as they check out various careers, business industries, and higher education requirements and solutions.  The committee hopes students will view their next few years as an opportunity to prepare for whatever it is they will be doing post-secondarily, whether that includes continuing their education/training in a two-year or four-year college/university, a trade or technical school, the military, or doing an on-the-job apprenticeship. We had presenters from all of these categories and more attending.   

Approximately 280 students attended from the following high schools: Bridgewater-Emery, Canistota, Centerville, Freeman Public, Freeman Academy, Irene-Wakonda, McCook Central, Marion, Menno, Parker, and Viborg-Hurley.  Each student was given a folder with information ranging from financial aid to South Dakota projections and salaries for in-demand careers.  Students were also given a worksheet assignment to engage the booth presenters with questions to start their career conversations.  The students that turned in the most complete worksheet qualify for one of ten $30.00 awards and one $50 award, sponsored by SEFP.  Each winner will be notified through their school. 

SEFP and the Marion School system would like to thank the 34 colleges and businesses that sponsored a booth and made the 2022 Regional Career Fair a success!  You are who the students come to engage and learn from. Your presentations and information did not disappoint.  

A very special thank you to Marion School’s Mr. Bill Leberman, HS Principal and Jenna Yusella, Guidance Counselor for their assistance in organizing the event. Thank you to Sean McCormick of Cherrybean Coffee Co. for providing delicious coffee in the Hospitality Room. A big thanks to Brian Kraemer and other Marion school staff and students for help with the setup and tear down of tables and chairs and to Victoria Rakus for allowing us to use her classroom for the mock interviews.  

Also, thank you to Deanna Gall, the SDSU Extension, LaVonne Meyer, SEFP Board Members, Misty Miller, and Jeannette Grady who assisted with the student’s mock interviews. You made a lasting impact and impression on the students you interviewed, setting them up for future success by giving of your time. 

The SEFP provides an innovative, grassroots approach to assist individuals with the development of a new business, retention, or expansion of existing businesses as well as providing assistance for the development of a private non-profit agency.  Our passion is increasing economic vitality and enhancing the quality of life in the communities we serve through a multitude of opportunities. 

I can envision these young people completing their high school experience with a clearer vision of what they can do and want to do with their talents and abilities in the future!  Hopefully, their vision will include coming back home, starting a business, or even delving into local community support organizations and leadership.  The potential is great and the opportunities are here!   


2023 Regional Career Fair

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